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A friend of mine and I run together every once in a while. Since I told him about this project, he's been interested in going with me and we finally got together today so I threw together an impomptu sub 4-mile run. As I prepared for the run, I put on my cargo shorts and the homemade Batman t-shirt I made for summer camp last year. He showed up a few minutes his Superman t-shirt. I knew then that this would be an epic run.

Starting at the hospital, we headed west to 17th street and turned south. This road has a gentle down-grade all the way to Black Hawk road around 2 miles away. To counter this downhill running, we turned right and ran up and back down the steep 33rd avenue court.

Around the start of the second mile, we continued south to 22nd street, turning around and heading north on 21st street, once again up a hill. The scent of freshly cut grass greeted us as we turned left onto 34th avenue court and backtracking toward 35th avenue.

Around the start of mile 3, we headed south again to 17th street, passing a beautiful blue home with stone siding. At 17th, we turned left and headed toward Black Hawk road. At 40th avenue court, we found a steep hill that called both Superman and Batman to a non-stop run to the top. Lots of trees and the property line of Black Hawk park made the painful run a bit less so. Time to turn back to the stop.

As we finished the third mile, we ran across a rest stop: a table and a few chairs for those unfortunates that traverse the hill on 24th street. The remaining distance back to the hospital was spent casually talking about kids and work.

It is times like this, connecting with old friends, that make my day.

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