The forecast for today was again sun and a high of 80 degrees, but no option for a morning run; how bad could it be? Blerg.

The entire run, I just wasn't feeling it. Run. Walk. Run. Walk. I'm thinking it was all the food I ate last night at a 'Happy Everything Day Party.' My parents are going to be campground hosts out west for the summer and won't be around for all those summer holidays and birthdays. Reminder, just because I'm celebrating a half dozen holidays doesn't mean I need to eat for a half dozen holidays.

The first mile took me into two of three named (as opposed to numbered) cul-de-sacs on today's route: McMillan Court and Stadium Court, neither one of which I'd ever traveled before. After this, I skirted the Rock Island High School property on the north. As I was weaving my way in and out of the neighborhood just north of Rocky, I got some strange looks from people working out in their yards or relaxing on their porches.

Right about the start of the second mile, I was running at the northern edge of the high school. Seeing those windows reminded me of algebra class some 28 years ago. Has it been that long? A few hundred feet later and I passed the house where my best friend from grade school lived; that would have been a decade before algebra. (Insert old-man quip here :D )

In the course of mile three, I ran the third named dead-end street on my route, Walker Court. A family out in their yard, some chalk art, and a rubber ball in the street. I threw the rubber ball back into the yard as I went by and we exchanged pleasantries.

Just after that, I ran into a gated yard at the end of 19th avenue. The interesting architecture and gate made me take note to look it up later. Turns out, it's the Top o'the Morning Bed & Breakfast Inn located in an early 20th century prairie-style mansion built by the President of the Rock Island Railroad, Hiram S. Cable.

A bit over 3 miles in, I was finally feeling a bit better. I ran Stadium Drive and then went by the old Eagle's. You know you're old if you know what I'm talking about.

Last week, I thought I could run forever. This week, not so much.

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