How I thought this might work

  1. Decide where I was going to run and map it out
  2. Using my phone as guidance, run the route I'd mapped out
  3. Grab the route file and upload it to the site. From this data, the site would generate all the interesting tidbits, such as total distance, unique distance for the run, etc.
  4. Display all the runs on a map

How this actually works

In reality, it's not nearly as sexy as that. If you're not a programmer, it's probably not sexy to you at all. :D

Create and Run the Route
  1. Using the RunGo app, I create a route map.
  2. Run the route mapped out. RunGo will give turn-by-turn navigation without having to look at the phone all the time.
Get the Route Data and Upload to the Site
  1. Download the GPX file available from RunGo.
  2. Using an online conversion tool,, I convert the GPX file into a KML file that can be used by Google maps.
  3. Edit the main KML file used on the site to add the new route information from the latest run
  4. Upload the updated main KML file to the site
Calculate Duplicate Miles
  1. Using the 'create map' feature of Google maps, I measure the duplicated streets by figuring out where I backtracked on the current run and where I've been on previous runs.
  2. Enter those values into a spreadsheet which has been developed to take the total miles, multiply out the duplicated measurements that have been entered in feet
  3. Add these few pieces of data to the page
Write Up the Highlights